We let your children learn the way they do best – BY PLAYING.

We incorporate a significant portion of the day for children to play with engaging materials and with other children. There are blocks for building, dress up clothes for dramatic play, art materials for creating, to name just a few.

While a planned and organized environment is essential to a play-based curriculum, our teachers also facilitate and guide the play so it is beneficial and full of learning opportunities for the children.

Parents Magazine 

“Why Play is Important in Preschool Classrooms”

This article supports the play-based curriculum
offered by St. Paul’s Preschool.
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“For kids under 5, play is the foundation for creativity, constructive problem solving, self-regulation, and learning as a whole,” says Susan Linn, cofounder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and author of The Case for Make Believe.

Your child’s future success in school doesn’t hinge on your enrolling him in a pre-K that teaches him to add and subtract or know the chemical formula of water. It’s more productive to find a program that lets him have fun as he learns.

Repetitive play (such as putting a puzzle together, taking it apart, and then reassembling it ) hones motor acuity, while unstructured group play boosts kids’ social skills.

Play also help preschoolers master the skills they’ll need for academic subjects later on.