Please take a few minutes to review our Frequently Asked Questions.  Do you still have a question or two that needs answering?  Please contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist you.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Yes, we do ask that your child is able to use the bathroom independently.

When is the tuition due?

We ask that parents pay tuition during the first week of every month. We accept cash or personal checks. Unfortunately, we don’t take credit cards. If the first week does not work for your pay schedule, Little Learners Christian Preschool is willing to set up a different schedule for you. We are very flexible and want to accommodate our preschool families. Please see the director for details.

Does the school offer field trips?

Yes! We have two exciting, kid-friendly destinations. In the fall, we take the students to a pumpkin patch and in the spring we visit a children’s museum! We do not use a bus service, however, so we rely on parents to transport their child. Additionally, we might offer an opportunity to see a play. Please note that all field trips are optional.

Will my child need a physical?

Yes! We require all students have a physical. As soon as your child has one, please submit a copy so we can add it to your child’s file. If you need a form, just ask any of the teachers.

What is the drop off and pick up procedure?

The responsible adult (must be over 18) who brings the preschool student to school signs in on our clipboard. This is located at the bottom of the stairs. Next, please supervise your student while he/she hangs up his/her backpack and washes his/her hands. At the end of the day, the clipboard will be outside. We will dismiss the children to you. In case of inclement weather, parents/caregivers will be able to wait inside.

Are there volunteer opportunities at school?

Yes!! We value our parents! We ask for volunteers to help clean our toys and organize the Halloween , Christmas, and Easter parties as well as various opportunities that arise during the school year!

What is the snack policy?

We ask that each child bring his/her own snack and juice or water. We discourage snacks that contain nuts for any student who might have a food allergy.

Will my child get to play outside?

Absolutely! We take the children outside when the temperature is 60 degrees or warmer for fresh air and gross motor development.

How will I be notified of school closings?

You can check our website before school for any special announcements regarding school closings. In the case of a funeral, you might receive a text or email.